Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Buti Yoga Tonight.

I just went to a rocking Buti class in Hilo tonight, at 5:30pm.  I absolutely loved it. I'm so so fortunate that my partner is supportive of me leaving the house this time of people with kids know, it's sort of a delicate time.  The studio is just opening and offering all types of interesting classes for everyone, from martial arts to bellydancing.  And BUTI yoga!  It's located right next to the kombucha bar and the Bears Coffee place.   I was surprised that I really enjoyed the night life.  I nursed up Seraphina and left the family behind eating dinner. 

I was gone only 75 minutes, but during that time, I enjoyed my "freedom" immensely.  When I got to the studio, dusk was just falling and there was a crowd of hippie type folks outside, as well as backpackers.  Oh felt good to be in that crowd, with a purpose.  I actually DID feel proud of myself for going to a class and doing something for ME.  I recognized a few people and socialized with some old friends I haven't talked to in awhile.  It was extremely stimulating and extremely pleasurable to BE THERE...hanging out on the sidewalk with all types of people waiting to do a Buti yoga class. 

We chatted and the energy that circulated amongst the crowd of people was eclectic and high vibration.  I was buzzing just hanging out.  I knew from then that it would be a good class. 

What can I say.  I love this Buti stuff.   It feels like TOTAL DEFIANCE to self-consciousness.   Which is fantastic.  It feels like I'm liberating myself.  My post partum body is really taking a shine to the experience.   And I feel so great emotionally later, like purified and satisfied.   I also really enjoy thinking about the metaphysical ramifications from regular Buti practice.   I think the practice of moving and shaking my hips, abs and arms in circular/spiral patterns is definitely doing something to my awareness of Kundalini.  

I can feel that Buti is going to take me to the next level.  I can just FEEL it.  There is a lot of love and support in Buti also...they have a very interactive forum to share and to connect.   And yet I feel like Buti Yoga is still in its infancy as a movement or something.   It's FRESH.   It feels like I'm breaking FREE from something, every time I do the session.   What's interesting is that I really look forward to it.  It's so fun and it feels so intense.  And I'm seeing my strength grow with every session.  I've been practicing it mostly on my own for about 3 weeks, in my upstairs room.  I do the Transformation DVD, and recently I got a subscription to the Buti Tone workouts on the website.   I've only been to a few live classes.  But this is the first class that tonight I feel like I really was able to let go and ACTIVATE in a public class to this degree, partially because my body is finally catching up to the movements I've been making it do.  And partially because I really EXPERIENCED the energy of the class, and it was an energy I enjoyed and was able to participate in fully.  

So here's what I've heard about the 2nd's linked to the 6th chakra.    There is something about shaking and circling my hips and becoming dynamic in poses that are usually held still, that just seems to make me so pumped and excited to be alive.   

I have 3 more Buti classes this week...Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.   I'm there.  

When I was 3 months in with Caspian's babyhood, I would have never dreamed of leaving him for 75 minutes at a stretch to go do something like this.  But through the past 2+ years of motherhood, I've come to realize the vital importance of giving to myself, so that I can give to my family.   Doing something "just for me" like Buti is how I'm making being a mother of 2 work for me.  And daddy is pretty good at soothing the baby and she always has a full belly when I go.   So I've let myself off the hook, for 75 minutes a day, to do stuff like this.  So that when I return to my family, my cup is full.  

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