Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Yoga yoga yoga yoga.  

I've been happy because yoga has taken a central place in my life again.   I did my first WHEEL in ages yesterday, and although my flexibility is still not there and I was afraid to push it, at least it was DONE, and now will only get better from HERE.   Back in the day I could throw up wheels anytime, anywhere...I KNOW I can get back to that.  

It's just an entertaining hobby to have when you're a mom...yoga is.  Because it's so liberating and freeing.  It makes you feel different things from the way you move your body.  I had a solid vinyasa flow yesterday and it was beautiful to feel how expansive my body could become.   I felt like I was soaring on the sky.  

Buti yoga is different then traditional yoga for sure.    It's a lot more punchy and dynamic.  You just feel yourself swirling around with the movements and doing things with your body that you didn't think you could do.   I literally thought some of the things that I'm doing in Buti were beyond me, but I'm doing them, and that's exciting.   It requires a willingness to keep going, as these are intense physical energetic exercises.   Of course, you can just go down into child's pose if you feel like you can't go on, but then get right back up. 

You do a lot of swirling of the abdominals and hips in this type of yoga...they call it "tribal" but really, I think they just call it that to mellow down what it actually does.  It awakens your kundalini, plain and simple, and liberates your lower chakras.   And I can't think of anyone in our sexually, emotionally, mentally and spiritually repressed world who doesn't need that.  I think I know MOST Generator-types need to free themselves from the GROUND up.   You get those hips and sacral released and start freeing yourself and you feel so much better.  I have been feeling lately that every time I do Buti I end up in a psi-dimensional state of being.  Like afterwards .  

My sacral REALLY likes Buti yoga.  I'm not sure why...and I'll still do traditional yoga.  But Buti yoga is pretty amazing.  I love the way that she integrates the Spiral into her workouts. 

More about Buti (news report)


Anyway, I've got Buti classes in town for the next few nights...excited.  Doing Buti on my own is interesting but it is something else entirely to do it with other people.   You totally let go of self-consciousness and it can be very humbling, that's for sure.   You have to make yourself a bit vulnerable to do Buti, from my experience...but it's so worth it.  Because vulnerability can = strength. 

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