Friday, October 17, 2014

Yee-haw! Buzz buzz buzzzz

FEELING GREAT again!  I burned 700 calories on the treadmill yesterday afternoon and did some arm exercises.  I also feel great because I have REDONE my whole schedule! I have realized that it is WAY BETTER for me to work out during the day when Eros comes home from school, then it is at night.  

So after all day with the kids, I am SO READY to just have "me time" and do an intense work out when daddy comes home!  Eros is really supporting me with my fitness goals, so he has no problem giving me an hour or two in the afternoon when he comes home before dinner to work out.  :-)  Which is SO PERFECT!  It's really best to do my workout during the day.  Mornings won't work as I'm too out of it...exercising at 5:30am is not possible.  And by the time the kids are in bed I'm usually way too tired to move my body vigorously and if I do manage to, I stay up way way too late.  But late afternoon, before dinner?  Perfection. 

And THAT MEANS, I have the whole evening AFTER the kids go to bed for relaxing, writing and bathing, which is all I want to do at night anyway.  And THEN I'm able to get to bed at a "reasonable hour..." which is anywhere from 10pm - midnight, depending on how I'm feeling...

I'm SO SORE from exercising and it makes me soo happy.  I can't believe how uplifted and in control and calm I feel after a solid work out or yoga session it's amazing. 

Woot Woot

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