Saturday, October 18, 2014

About My Name.

When I was born, I was given the name Michelle Aileen Beechey. 

When I got married, my name changed to Michelle Aileen Rose 

When I was in my 20's, I was given the nickname, "MOTH," based on an internet alias. 

When I moved to Hawaii, I became known simply as, "Aeri." 

And now, feeling a return to my roots, I am choosing to be known by my middle name, Aileen, for the remainder of my adult life.  I just like the name and it's MY NAME given at birth, to all the women of my family, for generations and generations.  

It's a middle name given preference as a first name, which is totally legit.  

I've already met a few new people and introduced myself as Aileen.  Feels right, yo. 

Think I'm going to make it legal.  

This has to do partially with the name I want to see on the front cover of my novel...I like the vision of Aileen Rose on the cover of a book that I wrote.   Fits me. 

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