Friday, October 24, 2014


I am going to RISE UP.  I'm going to RISE ABOVE. 

I WILL NOT allow anyone in my life to drag me down. 

People can be negative, judgmental and just plain catty and mean.  Projecting all their shit onto you.  Demanding or crying for support, but incapable of giving it.  Even lashing out at you for daring to take a different path then theirs.   That DOES NOT mean I have to get sucked down into playing that game myself.  I MAY AS WELL just continue my onwards and upwards trajectory.  Keep my control.  Keep my focus.  Surrender into balance and PEACE. 

Keep it together.  That's what I do.  And let go.  I'm really good at this, too.  Letting go letting go letting go. 


At some point in life, you just gotta stop kissing people's asses.  Stand up for yourself, by doing what's right for YOU and your path, regardless of the criticism, the condemnation and the judgement.  It's INEVITABLE, that if you are doing something new, something daring, something unique, people will hate you for it.   Either overtly or subconsciously.  It takes a self-confident person to support you when you're doing something in your life that they don't agree with.   It takes a self-confident person to continue onwards despite people doing all they can energetically to halt you in your tracks.  Well, I don't care.  I have blinders on, and I'll do what I do. 

I'm growing into my full Goddess self.   That's the destination.  I have a daughter now.  It's up to me to show her what is possible, as an empowered and evolved woman of this world.   And you know what?  An absolute REFUSAL TO SUBMIT to social pressure, whether of culture or from friends and family, is part of that.  And if you talk the talk, you better walk the walk.  That's called being consistent. 

I'm really good at just forging on ahead.  I'm glad I was born with this soul-deep determination.  I hope I pass it on to all my children. 

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