Friday, October 31, 2014


Okay so...I came across this fitness phenomenon called Buti Yoga.   My girlfriend on the island has been doing it and it has completely transformed her body.  She had 2 kids under 2 years (the youngest is a year old) and now she has a six pack and tight butt and the leanest legs I've ever seen.  Plus her arms look amazing, really muscular but thin.   I've really seen her body change a lot in a pretty short period of time. 

She showed me a video of what Buti is, and it was really appealing to me from the beginning but also like, "Whoa...that's slightly Scandelous."  As it involves a lot of hip circles and booty shaking.  

Well, I decided to see if it could work for me too. 

I have this to say:

The Kundalini Activation with Buti yoga is insane.  I can hardly remember another time that I've felt so revved.  It's like all the spiral and circular hip motions seem to unlock some incredible energy potential.   I feel way different with Buti in  my life, that's for sure.   I've been doing an hour of Buti and then 30 minutes of vinyasa flow almost every night.  (on the days I don't do Buti, I run)   Buti is really fun, I find myself enjoying the challenge of the body strength and energy that is needed to complete each exercise.  It's HARD WORK though.  It does require you to push yourself.  

As for the "sexual" vibe of the Buti work out, well, I'm not going to lie.  It's made me feel more sexy, as well as sexual.  In fact I'm having the best sex of my life since starting Buti.  You get your hips so free and loose with Buti that it feels like sex is just way better.  But I'm totally okay with this.

A sample Buti class, sped up:

Another amazing Buti video...gets into what Buti is:

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