Thursday, October 30, 2014

Corporeal Fires...

It hit me the other day.  Maybe when hearing about a close friend's grandfather passing away.  But I am seriously going to die one day.  So why the hell wait to do ANYTHING in life!  Oh my gawd.   I've been wasting so much time.   I have a limited amount of hours left in life.  That's a FACT.   I feel like I need to just maximize my use of them.  Holy shit.  

The phrase, "I'll rest when I'm dead," has taken on new meaning.   Like LIFE is meant to be taken to the limit and that all these little "life breaks" that I seek (like when I watch or read something that doesn't serve my highest) are just because I'm scared of my potential and responsibility to become great. 

But all I have to do to become great and serve the highest of myself, is to use the time I have on Earth wisely and push myself to maintain a powerful standard of life.   To make the most of every moment...seeing as how the time is limited.  I wonder how many minutes of life I have left...

I feel like I'm having something of a midlife crises lately, like I've just realized, "FUCK!  This is IT!  Why didn't anyone tell me??" 

(of course they had, but I was deaf and dumb...and in my 20's.) 

Now I've been gobsmacked by reality.   You know what?  I'm not saying "no" to what comes my way anymore.   I have a history of being so damn picky with what I "want to do" and what I want to spend time on, partially because there are so many options.   But I am dropping that behavior right now.   Things that come my way, opportunities to expand and grow and develop into SOMEONE, will be pursued with open arms.   Every moment must be nurtured to maximum potential.  Making the best use of the time I have left.   Going to work on my yes, instead of my no.  

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