Friday, September 19, 2014

Treadmills that can hold laptops = MAGICAL!!

OH it's wonderful!  My treadmill has a platform for a laptop and I've realized that I can write while doing my power walk every night.  This is THRILLING!  Do you know how much time I'm saving while being able to write while walking??  It's INCREDIBLE.  I'm actually writing this while working out on the treadmill right now and it's making me so happy.

Anything that saves time and helps me multitask is HEROICALLY COOL.

It's amazing how effective power walking is!!  Being able to go jump on the treadmill while my babies nap is SUPER SATISFYING!  It's the only way I'm getting any exercise right now.  Why not just go outside and walk a few miles in the hot tropical sun with two kids under the age of 3??  Well I think you just answered your own question!!

I just jump on the treadmill every night and it's something I've made sure to do EVERY SINGLE DAY.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE being able to sweat again!!  Slowly but surely working up my strength, power and stamina....

My treadmill is quickly becoming my happy place!

I love it in this SACRED SPACE.

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