Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Magical Household

I am studying "magic." I have really embraced the straight-up study of magic in the past few months.

Magic is simply, "technology of intention."  

Certain colors, elements, stones, herbs, scents, statues, etc, even down to the time of day or month, are all used to create a sacred space between worlds for this technology of intention to take effect.  You use physical tools to create a spiritual result...that's the beauty and the fun of it.  And then you use your inner vision to bring it forth. 

I get so excited when I decide to do a ritual or spell and I start collecting the herbs and tools that I need in order to attract the result that I want.  Just the act of procuring each sacred item to be used in the working of the ritual or spell helps give power to my intention and makes it even more magical. 

I was skeptical for awhile about all this, until I started casting spells and holding ritual while pregnant with Seraphina.  The result (my ecstatic birth experience with her) was, I believe, a direct result of my intention and the work I put into attracting the type of birth experience that I wanted.  In fact I actually went into labor an hour after finishing a 3 hour long ritual and ceremony with Eros within a sacred circle.  It couldn't have worked any better.  A 10 hour long ecstatic labor and birth...I look back now and it seems so very magical, the way it all happened.  (the story of this experience is stored under the BIRTH tab, on the right)

I do wonder if my post-birth bleed (I had a  medium PPH immediately following delivery) was caused by an oversight on my part in my magical intention and maybe I used the wrong scent or possibly walked the wrong direction in the circle...maybe I hadn't cleansed the space completely and "something" got in and caused trouble...but that's okay, because it still worked out perfectly.  If not for the bleed I might not have been able to spend more then a week with just Seraphina and myself upstairs in my bedroom together.  And that was just pure BLISS.  Just me and her...for days and days.  Perfection...and maybe that's exactly what I wanted.  If I hadn't had the PPH I might have pushed myself to be on my feet way sooner.  Instead I was forced to rest, and just 'be' with my baby girl.

My goal now is to really fortify my household into a supernatural space of protection and power.  There are all sorts of things you can use to do this, all types of rituals and spells and little trippy tricks that you can sort of "embed" into the house landscape itself to make it a super protective and nurturing place.  Because that's the type of home I want my kids to grow up in.  That's why I'm learning magic and educating myself on witchcraft and the occult.   Because I know I'm a magical person and it's not a stretch for me to learn the craft of magical intention.  It's technology, plain and's easy for me to understand and get behind. 

I want my children to grow up in a magical home.  And the more I learn and practice, the more magical I feel myself, and the more enchanted and enchanting I am.  Energy and self-realization...that's the good stuff. 

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