Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Today I feel like SUPER WOMAN.

 I STILL BELIEVE.  I feel on top of the world right now.  Like I'm getting a grip and accomplishing things!! 

I feel like we're FINALLY as a family getting used to life with a baby!

Caspian is doing great...and so am I.  I really feel like I'm on top of things at the moment...and am figuring out a new sense of balance.

I've poured a ton of energy into my son the past few weeks in an effort to help him see how much I love him despite the new addition...

And it is PAYING OFF!  He and I went to Rainbow Falls the other day together, just he and I!  I fed the baby really well before we left, and made sure she was taking a good nap, and then left her with daddy for two hours so I could spend time with my son.  It felt incredibly unnatural, but as soon as Caspian and I got out together I realized how GOOD it felt to do something with someone who could walk and run and climb and explore...haha.

Rainbow Falls...

There's a beautiful woodland next to the Falls...and when I walked in the forest grove, it felt like I was entering a sanctuary.  There is an ancient Banyan tree there...and when I saw it I felt a hush in my heart and soul.  It was like going to church...these pics do not do that place justice.   It was hallowed ground.

It was an amazing experience I shared with my son.  I can already tell he is going to be my hiking buddy.  He just loves to spend time in nature exploring.

Anyway, we've been spending a lot of time together, every chance we get...

Of course I am still mama to his very little baby sister too!  When we're at home, every time the baby goes down for a nap it's "Caspian Time..." and we wrestle and lay on each other and cuddle and it's just AWESOME!!   We are really coming together as a family now, it feels like...and he is starting to feel confident in the situation. 

Today I heard, "I love you mama," over and over again...

Our family is coming together.  Seraphina is a month old now!

I have noticed a change happening inside of me...I am being FORGED into a truly formidable woman.  There is something about being a mother that just makes you TOUGHER.  Stronger.  More resilient.   I think you get more of this the more time you spend around babies and children.  

I'm functioning pretty well.  I MAKE SURE to do 2 miles on the treadmill every single night, at a fast paced walk and incline.  I'm only one month post partum, so I wish I could do much more, but I'm taking my time.

And I've started writing again.  That's double plus good.  I have my mind back and it's sharp, despite the sleep deprivation...

Everything is coming together.

I'm one determined mama.



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