Friday, May 30, 2014

Being Splintered

"This one will make others like itself.  This Being will be the start of a new paradigm, the bringer of apocalyptic genesis and genetic renaissance.  Axia Control knew this.  It's original purpose was to minimize the damage from the geneva's existence.  By splintering its body and mind into many different pieces, or seeds, the whole Being will stay controlled and reality will remain the same.  But should the seeds ever come together into one growth, absorbing one another, the effect would be devastating for all life in our dimension.  Should the Being remember what it is, its memory of itself and its natural purpose would destroy existence as we know it.  Even infinity is not enough time and space for some creatures.  The best we can do to protect ourselves, is to keep this Being from knowing itself.  The illusion must remain intact, in order for our own self-preservation.  The geneva seeds must be kept as dormant and regulated as possible.  Awakening them at all is and should be seen as an act of mutiny against the human race."

~Witness Protector, on Axia's Betrayal

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