Tuesday, May 27, 2014

28 weeks pregnant: powering UP

Time is starting to fly by, and I am feeling increasingly confident.  Confident in my upcoming labor and birth experience, and confident in my ability to mother two children.

I am starting to feel like a real badass.  I have embraced my pregnant body and I feel great about my appearance.   I feel beautiful and strong.  This time around, I am really enjoying this belly of mine.  It's so round!

Sure it gives me back pain.  Sure I get achy and sore.  But overall...I am liking this belly of mine a lot lately.  It's huge!

I honestly think the 3rd trimester is my favorite part of pregnancy.  The bump is obvious, pregnancy is in full swing, yet the end of the whole experience is in sight.  That makes it more fun.  This encourages me to enjoy every moment more.  I never got swollen feet with my son so I don't know if I will this time.  But overall it's a precious time.  The baby is so big now I can feel every movement.  Some of them are very uncomfortable, but overall...it lets me know that my baby is healthy and active so I like it.  I'm still having days where I feel sick too, but it's sort of become the norm...so I just continue on.

I'm just starting to feel so empowered...I have so much energy flowing through me some days...like I can move any mountain.

I never felt like this towards the end of Caspian's pregnancy.  I wasn't as empowered or focused.  I just got through it.  This time though...I feel like I am making the best of it.  I feel so amazing.  My whole psychic body feels like I have a host of exotic warrior women inside of me or something.

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