Saturday, November 1, 2014

Run Like Mad.

Doing my thing.  Just going to run it out today.  

Oh god I love to work out lately.   It's more satisfying then I ever remember it being.  Perhaps because it's the one hour a day devoted just for me.   It feels relaxing somehow, like things are under control as long as I am exerting lots of energy a day, in a sweaty workout.  I'm way more able to handle stress when I work out.  It's ESSENTIAL for my mental peace as a mother.  

Starting to feel like I truly deserve things in life.   I feel like I can say, "I deserve a great body, to be happy, to have a beautiful family, to have a prosperous writing career."  I deserve all these things.  I am just going to keep thinking all of this.   I want to blossom and explode.   Every moment must be filled with the Dream.  

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