Saturday, September 27, 2014

Seeing RED!!

I used red henna...

I think I love it.

After two kids, all "color" had been sucked right out of my hair.  I mean I used to be a pretty obvious blonde, but my hair was darkening like crazy (not exactly brown OR blonde, just dull) and the color looked so unappealing to me.  I thought about just dying my hair blonde but didn't want to use a chemical dye.  So I decided to go the henna route and I really like the result.  It's cool I can get such an interesting color of hair just by applying a plant paste to my tresses.  

I'm accepting this as my new hair. 

And yes, in that second picture my boob was hanging out as I recently stopped nursing Seraphina but I tried to avoid direct visual contact. 

AS FOR my dreads, yes, the sections are still in there...but they are curly because they're not locked yet at all.  They just want to be wild.  There is A LOT of knotted hair though, so it's just a matter of time.   It may be awhile before I have actual locked dreadlocks.  But from my research, all it takes is time and not brushing.  I love not brushing my hair...I feel so free.  I still wash it every few days though. 

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