Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Goodbye world.

I stood brooding in the Observation Chamber.  The bulbous blue Ova Core swelled on the horizon.   Axia was nothing more then a tiny red dot next to the absurd growth.   The insignificance of this position filled me with humility.   We are nothing compared to it.   I clasped my hands behind me and paced back and forth along the viewing window.  I could feel the light from Ova Core on my face, warm and yet damp, like a sweaty hand.  I directed my internal awareness towards the blue core and took in its energy.   A wave of tingling overcame my nerves, a sizzling electricity born through the synergy of earthly moisture and psychic fire.  I felt the pulse of the Entity in my veins. 

Alchemically, the world had spilled forth from the life promoting Core; calcified matter bursting through the eons to create itself into a type of space-tree.  A two-sided tree, a vast network of vines, roots and branches, powered by the Core at its center. 

I glared at the viewing window. 

The branches had been falling down for six days now.  

It's happening fast, I thought.  Plantasia was breaking apart before my eyes.  Bits of debris peeled off the massive root structures to crash down upon the world below.  Larger limbs would shake, and then the pieces would plummet.    Moments later I would hear the impact, a sick rumbling thud far below.  Thick purple dust choked the upper atmosphere, a testament to the disintegration of the world-tree.  I had no idea if there were still people alive down there, in the planetary womb.  If there were, I knew it wouldn't be for long.  Once the branches and roots came down, the outer shell would break apart.  The landmasses of hardened plant matter would become purple dust, and the oceans would rise to engulf all that was left. No human would survive.

The only one left would be me. 

Left alone with the Core, I thought, until it too disintegrates.

Or exploded.  One of the two. 

The Core of the planet glowed.  It seemed oblivious to the destruction, but for those who knew the Ova well, as I did, there were telltale signs as to its demise.  The round depths of its mass hosted a spreading stain, a dark shadow.  It was almost invisible except I could feel it too.  I knew what it was like I knew the back of my hand.  This was corruption.  This was the Long Death.  The darkness had reached the Core.  There was no hope at all now.  The very heart of the world had become poisoned. 

I just watched it, with an empty heart. 

“Goodbye, Mother,” I thought sadly.

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