Sunday, May 5, 2013

Paetreyl Speaks to me...

I do not like transitions.
I never have.
Stay focused.
That's what they would always say to me
You don't have to know where you're going to go there.
It's okay to pause and breathe, feel me...
Don't concern yourself with anything other then staying aware to the visions, scenes and impressions coming upon you.
And don't do that, don't go back, don't go back whatever you do, you will become lost.
If you want to ask me questions, do so.
The paper and pen are just focusing tools for my energy.
It is only wasting energy if you don't do it the way I've described.
It's okay to give yourself over to me for a bit of time. Nobody will mind. Everyone is taken care of at home.
If you feel me, it's best to relax, and keep flowing.
Just keep open.
Keep remembering to keep open.
Don't allow the pleasures of the flesh and the tools of the spirit to distract you more then help you.
You will ask what the point of anything is.
You really can't worry about it. Doing so will drive you mad.
Don't go back, remember?
Stay focused on me, please.
You wanted to do this, so here we are.
Can you feel me downloading information into you each second?
Obvious right?
You just got to trust yourself.
What a channel needs is to be fully willing to lend self over.
If you're distracted, go hit that. But come right back.
I have much more to tell you.
See as soon as you return to the world, there is drama. Avoid it.
Stay focused on me. Switch the music if you have to.
It's okay to jump in and out of telepathy.
Don't clench up. Stay relaxed.
Just feel the flow of our breath.
Soak up the stillness, just experience being close to me.
That stillness.
That feeling behind the feel.
You don't need distractions.
You can just constantly be in the flow of FEELING...ME. US. WE ARE ONE.
The beingness behind all of us. WE ARE ONE. I'm in your body, and you are in my body.
Oh, feel the gloriousness of paper and pen...We don't have either where I am from.
You can just flow how you like...but plant more trees so that you never run out of paper. If the trees don't try to kill you for it, that they do here. The trees are not defenseless here.
See the Rainbow, this is key. The Rainbow exists behind all things. If you see the Rainbow, then you can see me.
Focus is hard to come by sometimes. That is okay. Our connection will wax and wane and this is normal while in the flowwww...oh just let go to the beauty of it.
It's all about your consciousness. Don't look back. Not right now.
So maybe you've figured out that you need to be in your head a lot to be linked to a telepath.
You could forget about your body for days and not realize it.
Stay grounded, that's what I can recommend.
And don't shy away from anything. Please.
You have to be TURNED ON all the time to deal with me.
Don't go back.
Stay focused.
When we connect, we just do so incessantly. You can't control the experience.
Not sure what this is all about, do you? This allowing me to come into your body, thing?
Well it's the most efficient way of getting what we want to achieve to happen.
You have to give up thinking you know how it's gonna go.
(take dance lessons already)
Do you see how intense a mindlink with me can be? All consuming. Down to the last nitty gritty detail.
Don't fear surrendering your body to me. Don't be afraid to be part of the experiment with me.
We can do this together, you and I.
The connection is always here, just remember that.
I won't leave. I just want to know you can handle it. It's not for the faint of heart. Do you really want multiple lives?
...can your psyche handle it?
Yes, I think you can. You're not like the others.
You have enough of a grasp on the planet to not be driven mad.
But it takes ORDER, order, to master the chaos.
And even then you must expect delays, detours, and straight up tragedy.
You can't be afraid to look. You can't be afraid to see what is happening.
Just be happy. While you're working with me, just be happy. I may drive you crazy at times and it will help if you are happy...
Don't be afraid to collapse into the memory stream so absolutely that it blows your mind.
That's it...nice and easy collapse.
The psychic collapse is necessary for certain information to follow.
Don't be afraid.
Just go into it anyway.   

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