Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Be Ready.

Odd dreams last night.  Just bizarre lately.  I feel like "I am Paetreyl" when I'm in these dreams.   He goes through these really strange situations that make no a download of gibberish and the only thing I can truly experience is the FEELING and VIBRATION of the dream, like a revelation of ARCHETYPES..  Today it was sort of a chase dream, combined with 'apple of the garden of Eden' themes.  I really think I am getting downloads from Plantasia.  I feel so openminded lately in regards to my novel.  Like I'm getting a breakthrough, all this new information pouring in, brand new perspectives.   Even new VOICES.  I don't have much time to write anymore.  So it's basically been note-taking, as often as I have these realizations and innovations.  I just try to return myself to my notepad, over and over again.  I'm developing a habit of taking it everywhere with me, like it should be on my body at all times.  So I bought a spiral pad, put a rope through the top, and now I'm wearing it at all times, with a pencil attached.  It just feels important that I wear it, like a necklace.  That way it's right there for me to remember to write stuff down in. 

Anyway, Apple of Garden of a dream theme, echoing back to my book, my novel.

I feel so serious about this.  I feel like I'm revving up. 

Sometimes I see them.  The shadows of beings in the dimension that is passing through ours right now.

Have you noticed how time has been acting so screwy lately?  I know it can't be just me.  Everything has accelerated.   We are experiencing a collision.  That means dreams seem more lifelike and real then ever, and reality is certainly more like a dream, a fantasy.   So while we're in the go-between, time is meaningless.  People get light, and aerated, and buoyant, or they get dark, brutal and heavy. 

Anyway, I hope everyone is ready.  Having control of your thoughts, and your consciousness, has become more important then ever.   The magic is learning you create your unique experience in life.

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