Saturday, June 17, 2017

I'll start again (for the 2nd time).   Where do I actually begin?   I'll start by saying I was born in ignorance, as we all are.   Born into a society filled with shadows and empty hearts. 

There's a voice trying to get through.  I've been voiceless for awhile.   I thought I might never speak again.  But I knew it was only a matter of time.   I am of two minds, in the best of the best of times, and matter doesn't mind.   I had no idea when I would allow the voice to speak again.   I feared I would be considered crazy.  I feared becoming vulnerable.  I feared allowing my SUN PLUTO SQUARE to see the light of day.   It's the hardest damn thing ever, to reveal who I am on the inside.  And yet it seeks to come out.  It seeks to speak.   It seeks to have a voice.  This THING on the inside...needs to be expressed. 

The problem is...who I am is so many.  It always has been. 

Who I many.  I am more then one, and this I've always known.  As a child I heard voices and had a crowd of imaginary friends who were real.   I sensed beings and spirits and energies.   This led to an interest in the occult, from early on.  I grew up in a strict Christian household, so how I was and my interests, were unacceptable.   I started to internalize all of my imaginary friends.  I started to hide who I was.   But I still heard the voices of other people inside of me and I was convinced it was true.  

Where are the other adults who never grew out of this???  I think they become writers...

I'm not crazy.  I don't care what you say.  I am boldly crossing the boundary to express the multi-faceted TRUTH of my Nature ~ which is I am more then one, any and all.   We are all connected.  We are all each other.  The Other is you get it?   Some people are just more aware of this then others, that's all.   I am one of those people!!  Like it or not. 

I am going to LIVE THIS full-on telepathic communication with beings from other dimensions...who also happen to be part of me!!  There is nothing wrong with feeling open to the fullest extent to sensory exploration.  Feel your antenna?  You can't see it but all humans have them.  The antenna on your head.   That is always sensing reality. 

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