Friday, November 21, 2014


I find myself spontaneously breaking into BUTI yoga dancing throughout the day lately!!  It's SOOO awesome to feel so loose and mobile in my hips.  :-D  I have FORGOTTEN what it's like to feel dancing INSIDE translating to dancing OUTSIDE!  The last time I felt physically compelled to start dancing spontaneously was a long time ago!  My body wasn't ready...the more physically FIT I get, the more in shape I become, the more I just WANNA DANCE!!  And Buti yoga is giving the tools and freedom I need to move my body however I want.  It is SHEER JOY to feel such activation in my hips and sacral area! 

Ask yourself this question:  When was the last time you just all of a sudden started dancing, swiveling your hips around, spiraling your body, jumping up and down, kicking up your legs, spinning light with form?  Because if you haven't done any of that lately, you are MISSING OUT!! 

We only have one body in this lifetime!  Gotta MAKE THE MOST OF IT!! 

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