Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Keeping it straight in my head:

The Witnesses:  Killing off the bad psions.  Recruiting the good ones.  Intergalactic policemen.

Axia Station:  Using xeno-genetics to create psychic weapons of war for the use of the Others.The people who run it are clones of themselves, bodies replicated over and over again from hundreds of years ago..

Plantasia One: the original hyperwomb biosphere prototype.  Using xenoscience and advanced atom engineering, the hyperwomb is a generator of life and a fully sentient world seed.  Intelligent techno-biological design for the Deep Space Refuge Project, the Plantasia One was capable of supporting millions of species, for billions of years, while traveling through deep space..  A self-sustained planet in its own right.

The Infinity Corporation wanted to keep Plantasia's location a secret from the Collapse War.

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