Thursday, December 19, 2013

Pregnant for real.

Pregnant.  5 weeks, 4 days.  I'm optimistic about it tonight.  I FEEL IT a lot more this time.  I had a super strong pregnancy test, and could just tell from the beginning that this was a good one.   I'm doing everything I can to help the process along.  Taking my fermented cod liver oil, butter oil, prenatal vitamins, magnesium, omega 3's and b12.   I'm using my progesterone oil made from yams on my skin, 2x a day.  I'm continuing to take chaseberry (Vitex), to keep my hormones balancing throughout pregnancy.  (I've heard it can prevent miscarriage)   I'm being uber strict with my diet, not allowing myself any processed food or gluten for ANY REASON.  Yet I'm listening to my body.  If it's tired, I rest. If it says energy, I work out.    I am strictly regimented right now and I enjoy it.  I enjoy knowing I'm doing EVERYTHING POSSIBLE on my end, based on all my research.  Also I'm keeping my stress levels down low.  And daring to be optimistic, to BELIEVE that this is happening.

So like I said, I just FEEL IT a lot more.   I feel it in my body a lot more this time.  I feel like this was a strong egg.  I think it's gonna make it.  I knew only the strong survive.  I have to trust Nature.  I am trusting MOTHER NATURE here.  This is the most powerful experience I've ever engaged in. of them, anyway.   It's going to be a Leo.  At least, I'm pretty sure it will be.  (August 16..and I feel likely to go early because Caspian was early)

I think this is #2.   Time will tell.  But I just...FEEL IT.

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