Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Wrong Kind of Secrets...

Secrets had currency in the human world. What you knew about someone could allow you total control over the flow of every social situation. As a telepath, I amassed a collection of secrets from every person I spent time with. It was difficult to know what the person wanted to keep a secret, and what they didn't. Generally, the deeper something was buried in the person's consciousness, the more taboo the subject matter. But mental flashes didn't always follow that rule of thumb. In fact, sometimes what a person thought most about, was something they would never want to talk about. All the private and personal minor and possibly disgusting details of a person's life could be known. I came to know about the stomach-churning behaviors and gruesome odious habits of many people I encountered.

Things no person should have to know about another person.

I found out the hard way that humans had many revolting traits that they indulged in when they thought that nobody else was looking. In their belief of privacy, they let it all hang out with their thoughts and behaviors. I heard things nobody should ever hear and bore witness to countless atrocities, compulsions, neurosis and psychosis, a vast sea of dysfunction. The landscape of human consciousness pulsated with the hum of an anxious people who used their bodies and their environments in perverse and mystifying ways.

And I was privy to it.   

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