Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Maybe I would...

I felt near to losing control. I was blending in and out of the prisoner, getting uncomfortably deep into his mind before I would snap back into myself. I tried not to see what was inside him. It seemed dark and I didn't want to know. It frightened me to notice my senses merging so completely with this human. I had to break the pattern somehow. I had to stop us from becoming the same person. My sense of self-control was becoming fragile.

“I hate you,” I snarled. “I wish you would just go away.”

At my anger, the prisoner cowered before me, head to the floor. I felt a pang of guilt.  And remembered how the psientists would be monitoring all of my interactions with him. They would be noticing how I behaved with him on their datascreens.  

A wild thought came then. 

I could kill him. I could. Alis had mentioned he thought it was possible I would. They said it wouldn't matter if I did.

Maybe I would.  

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