Monday, July 23, 2012

First Time to the Volcano

I visited Volcanoes National Park yesterday and it pretty much blew my mind, and then some.

I don't know exactly what happened, but I got very far out.

That place is energetic as frak.  SERIOUS elementals there who mess with mortals.

I got so ungrounded.  I'm trying to recover.  I immediately felt something different take place at the park, wandering through the lake of lava in one of the volcano craters.  I had the baby strapped to me while I climbed through the crater.  It was so intense, being there with the baby, sharing that experience with him.   I felt the force of PELE or something like it, something extremely DENSE energetically.  You will KNOW if you go to the volcano what I am talking about; it's positively eerie.

Since I've left the volcano I've felt very out of it.   In some other plane of reality where I feel everything like it is piercing open my heart, and I'm like a child.  I feel like the volcano has purified me in some way.  Maybe my kundalini is going crazy.   There's some sort of primordial spirit mass inhabiting the volcano.  I think it is a "dragon."   Well, clearly you don't go in the volcano unguarded psychically.    There are POWERFUL creative/destructive forces at work.  And what a land of ENCHANTMENT!  The lush volcano rainforest is unbelievably skilled at beguiling wayward travelers. 

Lost in the forest = lost in your mind.

Having now gone insane, I am a much better mother.  Hiking with my baby through the volcano is something I will do with regularity.  Nothing like being adventurous to stick me back into experiencing my kaleidoscopic wheel of archetypes.  It's slightly unhinged, but I believe in time I will come to see the volcano as a true friend and teacher.   There is something playing out there...something ancient and massive.   The boiling energy is all around and it's almost impossible to fathom.   The WELLSPRING of creation bubbling all around.  

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